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 Even if you are a well-known and accomplished blogger you at times may not be able to zero on a topic that will keep your audiences engaged in such a manner that they will read your entire blog post. You always require constant inspiration to write on topics that are trending and people will like to read more about them.

This blog aims to highlight some places that can give you fresh inspiration always:

Quora – It’s a great question-answer website that a large number of people turn to each day for either posting their question or reading their query’s answer. All kinds of enthralling and trending questions are found on this website. You as a blogger can find great ideas from all types of questions posted by people or you can even pick up ideas for your blog for the kind of answers written by query answerers. In fact, by answering people’s query on this website you can build a good network of readers on this website.

Hashtags – Every viral news item becomes associated with Hashtags. It may be one Hashtag or multiple Hashtags. Over the years, Hashtags have become popular and a very potent search aid. So, be it any social networking website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, you can always locate a trending topic, thanks to these Hashtags.

Google Trends – Working in sync with Google, Google Trends provides detailed information requested for a search. Options to customize your search are available. Data totally based on time-period, place, category, as well as search type can searched on this website. Google Trends highlights the number of individuals hunting to gather information on a specific topic. Apart from this, it gives complete data on the associated topics and other questions associated with it.

Google Trends – Working in sync with Google, Google Trends provides detailed information requested for a search. Options to customize your search are available. Data totally based on time-period, place, category, as well as search type can searched on this website. Google Trends highlights the number of individuals hunting to gather information on a specific topic. Apart from this, it gives complete data on the associated topics and other questions associated with it.

Apart from the above mentioned platforms, other places Keyword Research, Yahoo Answers, Blog Comments on Popular Blogs, Buzz Sumo are some other places on the Internet that give you the idea of the most trending topic that you can pick for your next blog.

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What is Google Knowledge Graph?
Google Knowledge Graph was announced on May 16, 2012, in the United States and it created a buzz in the search community. It is basically a knowledge base used by Google to boost up its search engines search results.
Google wants to show most accurate search results to the browsers. Knowledge Graph is the technique used for giving information in a direct way. For instance, if you are searching for any famous personality, on the right side of the search Google will show a short biography, pictures, awards, projects were done and some other mandatory details about the person. Location results from Google+ account also influence the results provided by Knowledge Graph.
How does Knowledge Graph work?
  • Semantic search: It is a dynamic force behind the understanding of Knowledge Graph. There are several criteria which are considered by the knowledge graph such as synonyms, theory matching, IP location, search context, word variation, and natural language.
  • Entity indexation and disambiguation: Google is trying to catalog things such as noun, objects and some other entities. It is a process of mapping.
  • User Conduct: Knowledge Graph depends on the user behavior. For instance, if a user searches for “What is a computer” then the graphed Search Engine Results Page (SERP) will come from Wikipedia, not from Google.
How to use Knowledge Graph to obtain more search traffic?
  • Use relevant keyword (entity) for content marketing: Knowledge graph is an entity recognition and disambiguation system, so you should think keywords as entities. So it is very important to use keywords that will make Google connect users to your website page, specific to their search queries.
  • Use schema markup: It is the most effective way to let Knowledge Graph show your results in the graph box. Since the markup option is available for hundreds of entities, Google may not feature graph data for every schema markup but for some results it definitely will.
  • Optimizing for Google + pages: Knowledge Graph draws most of its information from Google +, so if you have optimized Google+ page and you share info related to your business, searchers will easily able to see all your details easily.
  • Customer reviews: Google relies on the review text for map search and for creating graph displays. If you have detailed reviews and plenty of information on it, it will provide the most helpful results.
  • Wikipedia: As Wikipedia is one of the source data on Knowledge Graph, sharing accurate information regarding your business can be very helpful.
Apart from all these above-mentioned points, remember that Knowledge Graph is less about tricks and more about putting trustworthy marketing efforts. You can use Google Knowledge Graph Search API tool to test your entity gain and other details.
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Google Maps Marketing, an explicit part of local SEO is slowing becoming the talk of the town with start-ups and medium business enterprises realizing its significance in their marketing needs. Below is mentioned a 3 Step Guide for Google Maps Marketing:
#1 Create Your ‘Google My Business’ Account:
‘Google My Business’ is like a smart-board which gives you a smart chance of sharing your maximum business information those later shows up in your search results and starts building your local clientele.
  • For this share as many details about your business address as possible, while assuring that the same address details exist on your website and everywhere else on the Internet. Dissimilarities in formatting can also hurt your rankings, so be careful of them too. And if you don’t own a bricks and mortar store, you can conceal your address information at a later stage, but, for business ownership verification, outline all accurate contact details.
  • Try to hit the bull’s eye when optimizing your business category.
  • Outline your business radius in a well-defined manner.
  • Get Properly Verified: Hang on for an exceptional PIN sent on the physical address listed in your profile.

#2 Optimization of Business Listing:
After a thorough verification, take the next step by highlighting your open hours of service, business description, boost your profile with high HD pictures and videos, and cross-check on Google that there is no duplicity, in an attempt to ward-off unnecessary ranking fines.
#3 Ask Customers for Reviews:
Social evidence helps in escalating people’s shopping decisions. That’s a prime reason why collecting positive reviews about your business are essential. Google requires at least 5 feedbacks before it exhibits them alongside your listing. Some significant ways of gathering customer feedbacks include: Gather their reviews about product or service deliverance, try to make their review collection it as customer-friendly as possible by giving uncomplicated directions and score rates, discounts and gifts can act as incentives, continuously stay in touch with your customers and gather their reviews, reply in the most appropriate and humble language. And just in case you get negative reviews, promise your customers a timely probe into the matter. Google Maps Marketing is a highly instrumental in escalating the chances of taking your business forward and making it popular with time. It’s worth trying.
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One may hardly find a trade out there that doesn’t have any issues with the customers. Today, the internet has erased the barriers between customers- word-of mouth- can now literally travel almost at the pace of light. Thus, it is extremely necessary to alter the way a brand name appears in the search engines. Here are some tips that can help you manage your brand’s reputation online as it influences search engine results about you, manipulating your sales.
  • Create presence on social media
To boost up a niche for your products, create your presence on social media. Choose best platforms depending upon your product and services. Prefer opting for competitive platform to grow your business by reaching large audience. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for executives and employees to integrate with. To visually advertise products, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo will be helpful.
  • Stay active on social media
Just because you have a presence on social media doesn’t mean that your business will be successful. You should keep interacting with your customers. Apologizing for mistakes, solving queries, encouraging positive feedbacks makes good online results.
  • Manage a business blog
Blogs and articles with keywords related to your business can boost up your local rankings. Guest blogging on authentic and authoritative websites and back linking to your site will increase traffic to your page.
  • Never forget- customer is always right
While answering to online complaints you need to listen rather than back answering. Be flexible and if you are getting frequent complaints regarding the same thing, realize the actual problem and try to come up with a better alternate solution.
  • Apologize
If your company does some mistakes, own up to it- and do a genuine apology. Sometimes apologizing can diffuse a situation before getting worse. Avoid “I’m sorry you permitted my dealings to make you suffer” kind of statements. Do an authentic apology.
  • Gather feedbacks
You should ask customers to submit their reviews on your products and services. In this way, you can handle negative feedbacks immediately and also your employees will be encouraged with positive feedbacks.
  • Say “NO” to arguments
Even when you are right, you may get stuck in situations. In such situations, you should say “NO” to arguments and should find ways of reconciling or communicating offline. Professionalism in handling such situation smoothly can win more customers.
  • Make right investment
Reputation development requires both time and money investment. You should invest in online reputation tools or on social media managing companies to create an effective online presence.
  • Implement authorship and legal protection
To gain trust and to have a good social media presence posting individual’s name and pictures on social media will be helpful. Apart from using Online Reputation Management tactics, you should legal actions against anyone posting defamatory info about your company. Since years, Online Reputation Management has been a crucial section of online marketing. It does seem that if a business doesn’t invest in developing their online presence, then they have to bear money lose in terms of developing out the presence they neglected.
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Are you spending great deal of overhead cost every month on content development? In case you feel that your money is getting wasted and you are not getting any traffic or business out of the expenditure, we would suggest you something. Make a thorough survey of the contents in your web pages and find out whether they are SEO friendly or not. In case you so not find that they have the necessary techniques in them that make the contents rank high in search engines, implement these essential tips suggested by our Spiders Watch experts. We are sure you will create a win–win situation for yourself.  So, check out now.
  • Emphasize upon the right keywords frequency
As you know, keywords are the essential components that determine whether your web pages will rank higher in the search engines or not. However, the notion ceases to exist any more that incorporating loads of keywords will make these pages rank high. What you need to do is to incorporate keywords in the frequency of 2% in your contents. Moreover, a specific format has to be followed for placing  these keywords in the right positions in these contents.
  • Develop right head liners
Remember that the head liners of the contents of each of your web pages are very important. Therefore, you need to be very methodical while developing the head liners of each of your web contents.  Make these head liners catchy and interesting so that your targeted audience gets an intimation that they have found the exact topics that they have been searching for.  In addition, ensure that you have inserted the keyword or the keyword phrase inside the head liners. If you are writing articles or blogs for your side then you will have to ensure it simultaneously that these head liners start with something like “Tips on…,” Reasons for…,” “How to…,” etc.
  • Work on the links
Your contents will become immensely SEO friendly if you make optimum use of external and internal links.  In order to use the benefits of internal links, make it certain that you link each of the articles and blogs present in your website to the older posts in other pages that correlate to them. The traffic that comes to those older posts will automatically check out these new posts if they are interesting. Simultaneously, you can link various pages of your website with that of other websites with relevant topics.  In this manner, the traffic that belongs to the web pages of someone else will become yours within no time. However, while establishing these external links you must ensure that your web pages are linked with the ones that have high domain authority and get maximum traffic in a day , or else your efforts will go in vain.
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You might have heard about the great impact of SEO on your search engine ranking and ‘searchability.’ At Spiders Watch, we believe that all these years you might have lived with the idea that the more keywords you incorporate in your web contents, more searchable will be your webpage. However, did anybody tell you anything about negative SEO? If no, then we can give you information on negative SEO that can astound you. Let us tell you here that if you consult an unprofessional SEO firm then you can be a victim of negative SEO. In case you feel really worried then you have to know what is negative SEO first.
  • Know what is negative SEO
Your competitors might always revamp their SEO strategies for getting higher ranks than that of yours in the popular search engines. While there are lots of techniques for doing it, some unprofessional companies take unethical measures like creating loads of spam links, or copying others’ contents and incorporating in your web pages, or using non-related keywords with your web contents that deviate the traffic. This negative SEO is a real threat for any website.
  • Know who does negative SEO
You may be willing to know now who does negative SEO. As we have mentioned, there are some unprofessional firms who are literally unaware of the right SEO techniques. Thus, these firms adopt black hat policies as their SEO techniques. However, you might even find a few freelancers who openly announce that your web pages will get noticed if you pay them minimum fee. Beware of these so called tempting offers they may vehemently damage the reputation of your webpage.
  • Know how to prevent negative SEO
Spiders Watch believes that the first thing that you need to do is to cut off all your relations with these unethical firms that encourage black hat technique. Secondly, you should follow a couple of techniques that are tried and tested by us. Here is a gist of these. Watch out.
  • Confide in Google
Google can be your great assistance for preventing negative SEO. You have subscribe with Google Webmaster Tool alert so that you can keep track on firms who are trying to incorporate spam links in your website or trying to remove the good links from your site. Through this tool, you can also keep track on aspects like if Google is penalizing you, if you have a connection problem with the server, etc.
  • Check the backlinks
Always be skeptical about the backlinks people create in your website. While some are beneficial and relevant to your site, others may be detrimental. You can either check these back links manually or get some tools to do it. Whatever you do, ensure that you are doing this cross checking every day.
  • Stay away from maliciousness
In the virtual world, maliciousness refers to things like spyware, malware, or adware which are designed by professional hackers to sabotage your website and create negative SEO. Spiders Watch suggests that you should take proper step for preventing these hacking activities. What you can do is create log in passwords that are strong and have alpha numeric combination, enter into a deal with your hosting company to check every post made by the online traffic, or adopt various other techniques.
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At Spiders Watch, we keep a close watch at the technological innovations that are going on all around the world. One of the most noteworthy changes that we have observed over the years is that mobile phones have ceased being a mere device for communication only. Now customers can make purchases, make banking transaction, download music, videos and apps, as well as access social networking sites using their mobile. Now this has churned a new debate - Which is Best Responsive Website or Mobile Application for Your Business? If you are flabbergasted with the same confusion, Spiders Watch has the answer. Watch what we have to say!
  • Single website of responsive web design v/s multiple website of mobile application
The concept of responsive website is that you will have a single website that will fit all the devices. One of the major merits of this is that you will find it convenient to administer it. This will also imply that you will have to spend less for its maintenance and SEO work. However, a major demerit of maintaining a universal website of Responsive web design is that the option might not be befitting for all the users. You might need to highlight different sections of the same webpage a number of times in order to encourage active conversation of different types of users. If you ask Spiders Watch, we will say that this problem of responsive web design has the best solution in Mobile Applications. This is because mobile users have a different interface and computer users can browse through a different website in case of mobile applications.
  • User experience of Mobile Applications v/s Responsive web design
At Spiders Watch, we create mobile applications that are user specific. This implies that irrespective of the positives and negatives of a mobile interface, the users will experience a website that is specifically optimized for a mobile device. But you can never expect this in case of responsive web design because one single website is supposed to function in your mobile device as well as computer, Nevertheless, you cannot overlook the fact that you have to think of a dedicated SEO for this mobile website parallel to your official website. Secondly, your customers will always have to remember these two separate URLs. Otherwise, an attempt to visit your mobile website will land them to your master website, or vice versa. Here, you can very well understand that your users will never have to remember two different URL addresses for responsive web design because there is one URL that fits every device. Now that we have given you a comparative scenario of responsive web design and mobile application, you will be able to take a decision that befits your business purpose. In case you are still confused then call Spiders Watch today!
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Last year, Spiders Watch came across an announcement by Google that mobile traffic will score over desktop traffic. To be more specific, more users would log onto search engines and initiate various searches through their mobile devices instead of laptops and desktops. Now, Spiders Watch does not wish to make any comment that would encourage many debates. What we would suggest is that you should be well equipped to face it if Google’s prediction really comes true. In case you are eager to know Why we need mobile SEO for our Non-Mobile Business and wish to take measured steps, we have the tips to assist you. Read on.
  • Find what lies behind this prediction
Spiders Watch advices you to be analytical instead of encouraging any arguments or being nervous. Find out why Google is making such a prediction. What we have found out is that mobile devices are getting more futuristic every day. Eventually, mobile based internet users are also increasing. Thus, there is a race among companies to create mobile interface for these users. Therefore, you either have responsive web design done for your brand, or go for a dedicated mobile interface. However, we also wish to inform that the usability of laptops and desktops will never end. So, do not overlook this traditional and most trusted platform ever.
  • Plan to expand your targeted base
All these years you might have done a great business with the internet traffic that used to come through your laptop and desktop. Although the same traffic will come when you switch over to mobile device, some users are exclusive to this world. These next generation users are Smartphone users who prefer paying their bills, recharging their phones and internet connections, making purchases, and doing everything through Smartphones. Since the number of these users is increasing at a rapid rate, you cannot simply ignore them. Therefore, it is always wiser to increase the range of your target audience that remain satisfied with the decreasing number of “once treasure worthy” audience.
  • Revamp your marketing strategy
After your hear this announcement from Google, Spiders Watch advice you to make a retrospection of the marketing strategies that you have been using so far. It has become somewhat mandatory now to pay attention to mobile SEO simultaneous with desktop SEO. Therefore, instead of arguing that your site gets least footfalls from the mobile platform it is better to be equipped from beforehand. Who knows; your business can go leaps and bounds when it becomes available to users coming from all the platforms.
  • Know your audience
You must have come across the old saying that customers are God. We are sure that you must have implemented client-centric strategies all these years while designing your business strategies, marketing programs and offerings. However, in case you are thinking that the mobile users and their preferences are same as that of desktop and laptop users then you are wrong! This mobile traffic is quite different in its likes, dislikes, wants and wishes. Thus, you can only achieve success when you understand this mobile device based audience in the same way as you understand your desktop based audience.
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The extensive industry experience of Spiders Watch and the approach of our team to remain up to dated have made us one of the most preferred SEO companies. Our on-field expertise has helped us in realizing that Google traces each and every content posted in the web page by means of its Http links. Thus, when you get a prompt that says, “Page Not Found’ it implies that Google has faced a problem in locating the accurate link relevant to a particular page. If this happens to your web pages, it can make you tense. However, our experts at Spiders Watch assure that this Google prompt will not affect the ranking of your site at all. This is actually a result of miss spelt http commands or improperly configured links generated by your content management system. However, you do need to remove these errors so that your web pages get maximum hits in a day and your website become most searched. Spiders Watch wishes to share here that Google gives error prompt in another occasion too. Our experts have observed that even links on soft 404 pages are not followed by Google! Thus, a click on these pages will land into a blank page with status code that reads, “200 error” instead of 404 error prompt. If you are curious to know why this happens, we would say that these soft 404 pages are treated in the same manner as that of the real 404 pages by Google. What is most disheartening is that even soft 404 pages with links get the same treatment as the real 404 pages by this search engine! However, Spiders Watch knows that the only ray of hope for these soft 404 pages is that if they have properly developed index then Google might not ignore them. Spiders Watch has more information to share with you. Write to us today to know about them in greater details.
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While taking up the project of creating SEO for your firm, you will come across contradictory advises. Some people will suggest you to get the SEO work done in-house, whereas others will always be in the favor of outsourcing it. Thus, instead of coming to a concrete conclusion you will end up suffering from dichotomy of thoughts! Spiders Watch can provide you a better insight to make the decision making process easier for you. For that, you need to know about the essential components for a SEO. So, start reading ahead.
  • Manpower resource
One of the preliminary attributes of a good SEO project is skilled manpower resource. You need a project manager who would have the skill sets of understanding and setting your SEO goals. Then you need data analysts who would be conversant in conducting research on available analytical data so that your manager can proceed towards the SEO goals. Then you need an experienced team of content specialists who know how to create contents and incorporate the right keywords in them. The work force must also contain efficient web designers, video graphers, animators, and other such proficient experts. In case you do not have such an enriched team, Spiders Watch recommends you to outsource SEO and remain tension free.
  • Technological resource
Spiders Watch understands that creating a comprehensive SEO project means that you have to be technologically equipped. To be precise, you would require some technological resources such as an active website and web analytics software such as Google Analytics, Web Trends, etc. Along with these, you need other such tools that support SEO which would help in competitive research, create back links for your website, content editing tools, etc. Matters do not end with owning these resources, but you have to update them regularly. If you think that you can arrange these technological resources, it will be a great idea to get the SEO done in house. Otherwise, outsourcing is the most practical option.
  • Financial resource
While creating your digital identity you might have an idea that you will not need any money because it is very cheap as compared to that of traditional advertising. Although your notion is right, you cannot say that it is completely free. You need fund for buying a website. Then finance is required for designing it properly. You may need additional funds for creating specific search engine advertisements that meet your firm’s SEO goal. Thus, while planning to do SEO in house you have to keep an arrangement of ready cash because you do not know where money will be needed and when. On the contrary, hiring an outsourcing firm is much hassle free in this regard because you will have to make onetime payment for the quotation that the service provider gives. Hence, here Spiders Watch recommends outsourcing option as the best one if you are skeptical about your financial might. Call us today if you have more discussion on outsourcing SEO projects. We are waiting for you!
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You might have heard people saying that the content is the king. To be honest, you can make or break a company with the help of a properly written and researched content. But at Spiders Watch, we say something different. For us, content will only operate as ‘king’ when it has the right keywords in it. Therefore, when you vest us with the responsibility of creating contents for you and developing your website, we start researching on ways in which good SEO resource can be developed. As we believe in maintaining transparency, we wish to share with you the procedure that we follow.
  • We emphasize upon quality of keywords
As we know, keywords are one of the vital components of a good SEO resource. Therefore, at Spiders Watch we maintain a stringent guideline for picking and choosing keywords that will be ideal for your business. Our hunt is to look for keywords are always relevant, focused and most searched so that your potential clients remain only a few clicks away from your web pages. Thus, what we do not do is select single words that lack focus, and eventually we avoid bringing unwanted traffic to your website.
  • We hunt for phrases that are rich
Years of on-field experience has made the team of Spiders Watch aware that those archaic words do not have any value at all as SEO keywords. Thus, instead of over thinking and not coming to a concrete conclusion we make our search for keywords more target oriented. The primary objective of our search is always on the root words that give the traffic a direct hint of what your business deals with.
  • We create focused contents
At Spiders Watch, we consider that creating killer content that is engrossing, interesting and giving the traffic a focus about your company profile is an essential part of a successful SEO project. Therefore, we have a dedicated team of specialized content writers who create write-ups for website that would decrease bounce back rates and increase standing time of the online audience. Here we need to emphasize that we are aware of the fact that the traffic does not have much time in hand to spend hours reading the contents of your site. Hence, the contents we create are crisp, easy to read and aligned with the core business processes of your firm.
  • We align the keywords with contents
We do not consider creating contents and searching perfect keywords for you as separate tasks. At Spiders Watch, we make it certain to align the contents with the keywords that we have searched for you. Thus, when we incorporate the right frequency of keywords at the right positions of the contents they become the most searched items of popular search engines! Eventually, the contents widen the chances of increment of your potential clients. If you wish to this magical effect of good SEO resource in your website, call us today! We are eagerly waiting to serve you.
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Do you have any problem in the field of internet marketing and search engine optimization copywriting. Then look no further as you have come to the correct places. You have currently found out the best SEO Copywriting Services in India. We are your one stop shop to your entire marketing problem. We have come with unique and successful ideas to better marketing, making better leads and at last, making higher revenue with minimum risk. We help you boost your ROI like you have never thought possible. We also deliver professional and customized websites that are made fully to your specification and needs. This not only gives your business a face lift, it also attracts more customers and more income and revenue from your business. We have more than three years serving clients and helping them achieve their goals and plans and are one of the very few companies with accreditation and proper certification. We are a Cms Website Development Company and one of the leading SEO Copywriting Services in India. We have offices and resources in many other countries for more efficient working and management. Our Cms Website Development Company is one of the best in the world and our large number of employs make it sure that all the projects are completed before the deadline and made to perfection. We also come up with and provide mobile applications that allow you to run your business in a better and more profitable kind of manner. We have a lot of experience undertaking projects and seeing them to completion. And thanks to our hard work and dedication, we have a large and working business relation with many of our clients, which itself goes to show the kind of dedication and hard work that we put into all of our work.
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Have you started believing that the digital marketing step that you have taken has ceased to be of any use for you? Your notion might be directly linked to your website that is not properly designed. Perhaps, it lacks the essential SEO features and that is why it is appearing sparingly in the search engines.

All these indicate that you should immediately initiate a search for the Best Website Redesigns Company that will make your virtual presence go viral. Now how will you locate that company in this extensive marketplace? Well, it will be very simple if you follow these essential tips.

  • Identify your needs

Before beginning the search, you need to know exactly what your requirements are. Say for instance, you wish to launch a product in the commercial market. Then you have to find out a firm that will be able to create viral marketing and promotional campaigns all over the social media. Again, if you are an E commerce firm then you need a firm that knows how to give you greater returns on sale, hold back your preexisting customers and create more customer base. Thus, a methodical approach right from the beginning will help you on identifying the Best SEO Company India.

  • Make pre-estimation of your budget

You can incorporate endless options to create your brand awareness, derive maximum returns on investment from sales and develop a highly potential globalised customer base if you have the adequate fund to reach your aspired goal. But lack of fund might force you to limit your dreams within a specific periphery. Thus is a situation when you would end up blaming the digital marketing agency that it has failed to live up to your expectations. Now we would suggest you to talk with a number of firms first and inform them about your intentions. Take a financial estimate from these firms and compare them with each other. When you locate the firm with the cheapest quote, compare it with your preplanned budget and then finalize the deal. 

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I m sure there is a high increase in the number of business and websites affected by spam. Spam email is one of the common scenarios these days. But do you know the existence of SEO spam? Let’s first talk about what is SEO spam. In the world of search engine SEO spam is known for delivering an artificial increase of web sites in search engines results and rankings. To give you more idea what SEO spam is here are some of the concepts associated with it: 1) Black hat SEO- It is one of the techniques that are used to get higher ranking in unethical manner like not following search engine’s algorithms. 2) Spamdexing- This comes from two word spam and index. It is a practice of including information in website that causes search engine to index illegally with high ranking in the search engine which satisfies spamdexer but it does not satisfies the users. It is really hard to define what SEO spam is and how to know if what you are doing is right or wrong. Basically, SEO spam is a practice to create websites to get on top of search engine results and ranking in an unethical way. Here are some of the guidelines that you can follow to protect your website from SEO spam. First step is to practice good website design. It is one of the best defenses against SEO spam. If you are running your website according to the guidelines provided by the search engine then there is nothing to be worry. If you have a feeling that some techniques are not good for your website then it best to avoid them. One of the most common SEO spam technique are doorways pages, keyword and content spamming, hidden text and many more. All the search engines are changing their policies everyday. They are more intelligent than what we think. If you are using link buying and false link structure for your website then it will not take long for search engines to know how your sites are connected.Don’t trust anyone who says it is okay to use spam techniques. Still it is better to follow things in a right way. Spam is spam no matter how you use it. SEO spam will cost you a lot and your website will suffer no matter what. Have you noticed any increase in SEO spam? If you are using any of these practices then avoid them at any cost because these techniques are the ones describe by the search engines as spam. For more information please visit us @, or call us at +91-999-965-8191 to speak with one of our Internet Marketing Experts.
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After Panda and Penguin, the next monster that is expected to hit the worldwide web is the black and white zebra. As Google Panda and Penguin are working quietly and not that aggressive, the black and white monster is going to see what it’s like in the SEO world. There is no announcement from Google yet but some rumors say that the newest Zebra update of Google targets the realm of social media. This time, Google will be a little concern about their ranking algorithms. So what will Zebra’s role going to be? We are aware that Penguin guards the off-sit issues while Panda filters the site elements, then what will be Zebra’s role then? Since rumors scattered say that Zebra is going to be working on the Social Media, then definitely Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest will be dancing rock and roll with Zebra. I think Google chose Zebra to see whose using white hat and those who are not. Here are some of the targeted social networking sites for Zebra:
Because of too many retweets with the same keywords. Posting the same link again and again will not be good for Zebra.
Everyone comes at Pinterest aims at working on their marketing. This may be the reason its going to be filtered out by Zebra.
Zebra targets the too many shares that do not belong to your domain.
Of course Google won’t allow its own property to be played by spammers. Since there is no official claim yet when Zebra is coming, better sit and relax. But one thing for sure, the big G won’t like anything messing with their ranks. So clean up social networks.
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Last time, I have refreshed up some terms which are very important for any online business. Basically, SEO runs on many concepts that keep on revolving but these are some basics which you must learn and understood to make you equipped with SEO fundas while doing your business.
- Is an advanced Link building tactic which you can directly apply into your site. It is basically the use of no follow tag on the internal links to lead the flow of pagerank through your website. It simply uses the no follow on a link which makes the pagerank attributed to the link widely distributed to the other links on that page.
- It is basically the title of a web page and treated as one of the crucial factors among Google search algorithms. Of course it must be unique and has main keywords of your page. It is also present on the browser while you navigate the page.
- Just like the Title Tag, Meta tags are considered important to provide search engines more information regarding the content of the page. Meta tags are not obvious and seen through the eyes of the human visitors as it is placed inside the HTML code.
- It is the deciding body of the search engine that reveals the most relevant pages for any search inquiry. It has large scoring basis adding up to 200 including title tag, content, Meta tag, etc just for Google alone.
- Google has a Sandbox, a detach index to place its newly founded websites. When your site is placed on the sandbox, you are not visible to the search results of the search engines. After verification of Google and it sees that your site is legitimate, it will be placed to the main index to make you searchable in the search engines.
- The formula of keyword density of a particular page equals to the number of times the keyword was used over the total numbers of words in the particular page. In the early days of SEO, Google places heavy importance on the keyword density but not now.
- Since in the early days of SEO, keyword density is a trend, webmasters started filling up plenty of keywords in a page to artificially increase the page ranking. But today, it is not the practice as it would even penalized you for doing that.
- This illegal or spam SEO practice could get you penalized or even banned by the search engines. It is the manner where the webmasters use the same web page to show various web contents to human visitors and to search engines for the purpose of getting high page ranking for particular keyword by using incoming traffic to promote products and services.
- It is also termed as spider or bot. Web crawler is a computer program that navigates the web to find new links and new pages. It is the initial step on the indexation procedure.
- Duplicate Content as the word implies having two contents that completely matches or is similar on domains. Avoid duplicating content as it can also get you penalized!
- Canonicalization is the process of standardizing data which has more than one possible representation. It refers to the standard URL which is used to access the specific page in your site.
- It informs the search spiders or bots about the frame of a website. It is located in the root of the domain. Do you still have any SEO terms that I have not discussed here? If you have, you are free to share it so we can all learn and wind up our SEO stock concepts…I hope you enjoyed reading this part as well as the first part of this blog. I hope you have a clearer and better understanding of how SEO works on your business. For more information please visit us @, or call us at +91-999-965-8191 to speak with one of our Internet Marketing Experts.
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Today’s online business is run by a comprehensive term, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you have a blog site, website or your business has social sites, it’s crucial to determine and analyze what really SEO is all about. Of course, you need to familiarize yourself about the terminologies of the business for you to understand the concepts. And the best way to do this is to know these basic terms of SEO. Let’s start by giving simple definitions of these terms.

1. SEM
Search Engine marketing as the name entails deal with marketing of products and services through search engines. SEM has 2 divisions including SEO and PPC.

2. SEO
Stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of website optimization in order to garner high rankings in the search engines.

3. PPC
Stands for PAY-PER-CLICK which simply means the process of purchasing clicks from search engines.

It is Google algorithm which is used to measure the relevance of the web pages in the internet. It basically runs on the concept of the higher the links associated to a page, the higher the probability that a page is significant.

It is also known as link or inlink. It pertains to a hyperlink on other website that goes back to your own website. It is very significant for SEO due to the fact that it directly affects the page rank of a page which affects its search rankings.

It pertains to website group wherein every website is linked to every website in the group in order to artificially increase the pagerank of the websites in the farm/group. It was a well known tactic in the early stages of SEO but it is now regarded as a spamming technique by the search engines.

It relates to any blog or web content which is published on a website with the purpose of inviting as many backlinks as possible. It also aims at increasing one’s ranking in the search engine. It can be in a form of video, web content, blog, article, quiz or anything.

It is a signal used by website owners to inform Google that the website they are linked to is not endorsed by them. It is possible when the link is made by the owners such as blog comments or the link was endorsed by sponsors and advertisers. Once Google sees No Follow attribute, it will automatically ignore and will not count the said link for search algorithms and page rank.

It is the anchor text of a backlink. It is the text on the web page which is clickable. For instance, if you have a computer tactics blog, you will probably hit a good ranking if your back links have “computer tactics” as anchor text.

10. SERP
Pertains to Search engine result page. It is the space in the search engine where you are searching for keyword on Google or in any other search engines. The higher the search traffic of your website, the better your ranking in the SERPs.

These are just some of the basic terminologies which are used in SEO. For other terms not laid here, I am going to discuss it on the next issue. For more information please visit us @, or call us at +91-999-965-8191 to speak with one of our Internet Marketing Experts.
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If you are intending to create your official website, you must contact experts. But beware; the varying opinions of the experts about the design, look, technical specifications and other such details of a website can make you confused. While they will opine that you need a web content that sticks out of the page, they will not explain clearly how to do this. Similarly, when experts will say that your toggle buttons should look ‘clickable’ they will not make you understand how you would do that. However, you should read our suggestions about the color scheming of your website. You can be rest assured that you will not feel bewildered at all. So, start reading.

Color differentiation between static and interactive buttons

If you compare among websites, you will find that in some the dynamic buttons look very different from that of the static buttons. However, some website designs are such that the dynamic buttons get highlighted and impart a different color as soon as you hover your mouse pointer over them. Now the summarization of these two feed backs is that you need to use different colors for these two types of buttons in your website. It is customary to use a contrast of dark and light for interactive and static buttons. Say for instance, if you choose black for static buttons then you need to use blue for the dynamic ones.

Colors make your website readable

Your website might have a lot of worth reading contents. But whether they will be of any interest to your targeted traffic or not depends a lot depends upon the legibility of the website. If the contents are totally illegible, your website can be marked as a search engine spam! Therefore, pay attention to the readability of your website. Simultaneously, keep this in mind that colors play a great role in determining the legibility of your website. Say for instance, the colors black and white when placed beside each other is considered as a classic combination. You must have seen that most websites have white background with black fonts. However, you can reverse the order and use white fonts over black background. Now you need to make a comparison between the looks of websites with these two different color scheming. Is it not the website having white background and black fonts that is more readable to us in comparison to the one with the opposite color scheme? Moreover, you will also find that the website with white background with black fonts appears too glaring for the eyes and disinterest traffic from reading the website contents in depth. Thus, your perception and the experience of your website designer need to come to a common focal point while designing the website.

The color ‘blue’ seeks attention

The color blue is the most used color for designing websites. You will find that all the interactive buttons have blue color. Moreover, the email address that is presented in a website is specially highlighted with blue. However, every shade of blue symbolizes something that is distinctly different from the other. For example, while you can use royal blue or navy blue for an official looking website, pastel blue shade will symbolize something feminine and casual. If you are looking forward to a high standard website development, you can Contact us today for a FREE Quote !
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Social Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important tool for any website success. If you are dealing with your own SEO from a long time, you realized that no matter how hard you try your website is not ranking well in the SERPs. If this is the case, then it is better to hire a professional SEO company who will bring wonders for your site.

Go to any search engine and try searching for keywords that is related to your business and check if you are on the first page of the search result. If you don’t see your site there, then think how your customers can find you. How can they find your products and services among million of competitors? In this situation only a Professional SEO Company can help you reach your target customer across the globe.

If you want your business to bloom in your industry then you can hire a trusted and qualified Search Engine Optimization company. There are so many companies who provide SEO Services, you can’t complain that there is no choice but still it is not easy to find a good SEO company which can deliver you the best results for what you are paying. So it is very important to know what to look for when you are searching for a SEO Company. Here are some tips how to pick the best SEO Company for your business.

a) Experience: – Anyone can establish SEO Company anytime and call themselves SEO experts. But Only a SEO expert with many years of experience really knows how and what is best for any website to gain high search engine traffic. So before going to any SEO company, make sure that they have proven experience in this domain.

b) Black Hat SEO Tricks: – Make sure the company you going to hire is not using any of Black hat SEO tactics.

c) Knowledge of SEO levels: – Search engine optimization is consists of 3 stages that is technical, on page optimization and off page optimization. Determine if the SEO company you want to work for your company knows these 3 aspects.

d) Check their commitment: – Always go for a company who had history of achieving their customer’s needs. Who understand the importance of search engine and how to apply the best SEO techniques for your website.

e) Process for Optimizing Websites: - Some SEO companies submit sites to link farms for quick fix. This can cause trouble for your website.

f) Automated Submissions: – If a SEO company is using this technique then stay away from them because your website will be banned by the search engines.

g) Assurance: - The most important thing you should look in a SEO company is assurance. If they are giving guarantee that your website will appear on the first page of the search engines or if they are promising quality work based on search engines guidelines.

h) Readiness to Provide Information: – Check if they are willing to answer all your question and doubt related to search engine optimization. If they are not able to provide the same that means they are hiding something about their techniques and this can have negative effects on your website and as well as ranking.

i) Feedback: - Check the feedback written by their Clients on their website and on the other hand search about the company on the web to find lot of information about them.

j) Portfolio: - Before making any decision, check their portfolio. Check their previous projects and current one. This will give you an idea if the firm is really delivering what they are promising.

Go ahead and start your online business with the best SEO Experts. These are some of the simple tips that will help you in choosing the right SEO firm for your business.

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Pay-per-click advertising is an efficient promotion medium that controls searching to get immediate and measurable results. Although it is simple to kick off the campaign, it takes enormous work to retain it at maximum level. When beginning, it is very significant to achieve the best ad position. Higher ad place means higher click rate for a particular search inquiry. Apart from that, by keeping some brilliant steps, for sure you can increase the returns of your Google Adword’s campaign. 1. Know and monitor your campaign objectives. If you want to reap higher success rate, then you must first name your goal and objectives. Work on your objectives in order to get focus. Identify what is important in your campaign, is it you products or services, generating new leads or getting added registrations? When you have carefully pinpoint on these objectives, develop your conversion monitoring method. Tracking how well your project is going can help you attain your objectives faster and modify your moves when needed. 2. Generate Extensive keyword list. When starting keyword research, concentrate on what you are trying to attain with your campaign. Getting high traffic is the objective of every business, but don’t leave the reality to deliberate what internet users can do when they start visiting your site. If you have numbers of products and services, ponder on the searches by making a list on what users might be searching on your site. You can also get opinions on people on what searches they usually ask based on your products and services. You can run it through Google’s Keyword tool ( or Aaron Wall’s Keyword tool( to enable a higher successful keyword derivation. List down the search terms appearing that’s not included in your objective and add them to your negative keyword list. 3. Run a negative campaign. The idea is not to openly knock your competitors through ad copy, but to use negative keywords in your campaign. For instance, if you are selling new personal computers, you may utilize the word “used” on your negative list to hit the customers searching for new PC. When you update and used it the right way, negative keywords can help you change clickers to buyers. 4. Identify the right time for your Ads. Aside from geo-targeting, PPC permits time targeting. Examine your methods to know when is the time that your Ads are at their highest conversion rate. If you are getting thousands of clicks at 9 pm, but there is no sales generated, limit Ad impressions during those time to save on cost. 5. Form landing pages and Sales channels. When forming your landing page, ensure that your content has constant ad copy and keywords. You must keep in mind to carry the keywords in the title tags, content and header to attain high conversion rates. To check your relevancy, enter your landing page url to google’s Keyword tool( . Modify it when it shows that your landing page is not relevant. The aim of landing page is to convert visitor but for in sales process that certain information is needed, then having multiple page (3 or 4) sales channel is essential. 6. Use Long Tail Keywords. Long tail keywords are two to four words or phrases that pertain to your product or services. This is crucial as they can result in higher conversion rates. Attach intent words to your long tail keywords including “where to buy”, “price” or “buy” to increase more sales. 7. Use numerous keyword match types. In Google Adwords, you’ll find variety of strategies for keywords for your marketing. Google has “Exact Match”, “Phrase Match” and “Broad Match”. By utilizing the right Match for your campaign, you can reach your target traffic. With accurate keyword phrases, you can have lower traffic volume, but conversion rate is probably higher. 8. Utilize Campaign settings. Google Adwords is offering campaign setting that can enhance your advertising management and to achieve better target audiences. When using the setting, your clicks and impressions can be reduced, but remember the goal of your PPC program is not designed for high clicks, but for better ROI and conversions. 9. Identify where your Ads can be found. Google offers you the chance to know where your Ads are placed. Is it located in Google content network, Google search network partners or Google search results? Click Fraud can be a problem for PPC because of ads placed within website owner’s content. Wherever you place your PPC campaigns, you must consistently track Click Fraud. 10.Don’t aim to be the first. Bidding for the 1st place is undeniably costly as you have to compete with other businesses. As internet users tend to always click on the first given option, bear in mind that you can surely get higher clicks for that, but the fact is those clicks are not always converted into leads or sales. 11. Run, run and run…Don’t be satisfied with just forming your promotion. Run it and testing are far most important. Metrics permit you to know how well your Ads are going and to see how good the results are. You can test many Ads concurrently and run it to collect the right data. 12. Know your Google Quality Score. Your Google Quality Score relays the overall ranking of your Adwords account and helps to spot check where your ads will be placed on the search page. If you want to score high, then follow the set regulations of Google Adwords and carry on in providing superior advertisements.

Words of Advice:

Before initiating your Pay-per-click campaign, always keep the points that can relieve you from burning your investments. Definitely, PPC is an effective strategy for achieving excellent results and in building your business. But make sure it track it and do it the right way to get maximum conversion rates.
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Now a days lots of SEOs are worried about getting cached their website on Google, Yahoo & Bing. After even doing lots of offpage submissions the website, newly created pages, blogs, profiles do not get cache instantly in Google, Yahoo or Bing. In this blog post we are going to share the secrets of how to get your website cached instantly on Google, Yahoo and Bing with 12 hour. As all of you are aware that if the caching of website/pages is not latest, you always have a fear to lose the hard earned top positions on Search Engines Result Pages, but if your URLs are getting cached regularly then your keywords will remain in top positions always. In order to continue what are the primarily steps, please read below: To get better rankings in Top search engine market share owner Google, Submit your URL in search the prescribed URL format i.e.

Submit Your URL To Google:

First of all go to the following URLs: Select add your URL in Web Options. Below I gave the snapshot for better Understanding. index 1. Login with your existing Google account, if you don’t have then you can sign up from there itself. 2. Type in your URL, example: 3. Enter the captcha text shown in the box 4. Select “Add URL”

And you are DONE, Wow !

Submit Your URL To Bing Search Engine: Go to the following link: bing 1. Type in your URL, example: 2. Enter Type the characters from the picture in the text box 3. Click on “Submit URL”

And you are DONE, Wow !

Submit Your URL To Yahoo: 1. Go to the following link: 2. Click on the Submit Your Site for Free hyperlink yahoo 1. It will redirect to Bing You will be asked to login here with hotmail Email or Microsoft Outlook email. 2. Please follow instructions as per the below screenshot for submitting your URL. bing-webmaster

And you are DONE, Wow !

Once submitted to these top Search Engines, your website will be listed on these most important search engines and you will get a real time caching in future as well. I hope this post will help you for keep your websites cashing up to date.
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