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Sep 18
Basic SEO Terminologies Part I
September 18, 2014, Posted by: Admin, Category: Organic SEO

Today’s online business is run by a comprehensive term, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you have a blog site, website or your business has social sites, it’s crucial to determine and analyze what really SEO is all about. Of course, you need to familiarize yourself about the terminologies of the business for you to understand the concepts. And the best way to do this is to know these basic terms of SEO. Let’s start by giving simple definitions of these terms.

1. SEM

Search Engine marketing as the name entails deal with marketing of products and services through search engines. SEM has 2 divisions including SEO and PPC.

2. SEO

Stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of website optimization in order to garner high rankings in the search engines.

3. PPC

Stands for PAY-PER-CLICK which simply means the process of purchasing clicks from search engines.


It is Google algorithm which is used to measure the relevance of the web pages in the internet. It basically runs on the concept of the higher the links associated to a page, the higher the probability that a page is significant.


It is also known as link or inlink. It pertains to a hyperlink on other website that goes back to your own website. It is very significant for SEO due to the fact that it directly affects the page rank of a page which affects its search rankings.


It pertains to website group wherein every website is linked to every website in the group in order to artificially increase the pagerank of the websites in the farm/group. It was a well known tactic in the early stages of SEO but it is now regarded as a spamming technique by the search engines.


It relates to any blog or web content which is published on a website with the purpose of inviting as many backlinks as possible. It also aims at increasing one’s ranking in the search engine. It can be in a form of video, web content, blog, article, quiz or anything.


It is a signal used by website owners to inform Google that the website they are linked to is not endorsed by them. It is possible when the link is made by the owners such as blog comments or the link was endorsed by sponsors and advertisers. Once Google sees No Follow attribute, it will automatically ignore and will not count the said link for search algorithms and page rank.


It is the anchor text of a backlink. It is the text on the web page which is clickable. For instance, if you have a computer tactics blog, you will probably hit a good ranking if your back links have “computer tactics” as anchor text.

10. SERP

Pertains to Search engine result page. It is the space in the search engine where you are searching for keyword on Google or in any other search engines. The higher the search traffic of your website, the better your ranking in the SERPs.

These are just some of the basic terminologies which are used in SEO. For other terms not laid here, I am going to discuss it on the next issue.

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