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Sep 4
Google Maps Marketing in 3 Simple and Easy Steps
September 4, 2017, Posted by: Admin, Category: Organic SEO

Google Maps Marketing, an explicit part of local SEO is slowing becoming the talk of the town with start-ups and medium business enterprises realizing its significance in their marketing needs.

Below is mentioned a 3 Step Guide for Google Maps Marketing:

#1 Create Your ‘Google My Business’ Account:

‘Google My Business’ is like a smart-board which gives you a smart chance of sharing your maximum business information those later shows up in your search results and starts building your local clientele.

  • For this share as many details about your business address as possible, while assuring that the same address details exist on your website and everywhere else on the Internet. Dissimilarities in formatting can also hurt your rankings, so be careful of them too. And if you don’t own a bricks and mortar store, you can conceal your address information at a later stage, but, for business ownership verification, outline all accurate contact details.
  • Try to hit the bull’s eye when optimizing your business category.
  • Outline your business radius in a well-defined manner.
  • Get Properly Verified: Hang on for an exceptional PIN sent on the physical address listed in your profile.
#2 Optimization of Business Listing:

After a thorough verification, take the next step by highlighting your open hours of service, business description, boost your profile with high HD pictures and videos, and cross-check on Google that there is no duplicity, in an attempt to ward-off unnecessary ranking fines.

#3 Ask Customers for Reviews:

Social evidence helps in escalating people’s shopping decisions. That’s a prime reason why collecting positive reviews about your business are essential. Google requires at least 5 feedbacks before it exhibits them alongside your listing.

Some significant ways of gathering customer feedbacks include: Gather their reviews about product or service deliverance, try to make their review collection it as customer-friendly as possible by giving uncomplicated directions and score rates, discounts and gifts can act as incentives, continuously stay in touch with your customers and gather their reviews, reply in the most appropriate and humble language. And just in case you get negative reviews, promise your customers a timely probe into the matter.

Google Maps Marketing is a highly instrumental in escalating the chances of taking your business forward and making it popular with time. It’s worth trying.

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