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Sep 18
How colors determine your website’s legibility
September 18, 2014, Posted by: Admin, Category: Web Design & Development

If you are intending to create your official website, you must contact experts. But beware; the varying opinions of the experts about the design, look, technical specifications and other such details of a website can make you confused. While they will opine that you need a web content that sticks out of the page, they will not explain clearly how to do this. Similarly, when experts will say that your toggle buttons should look ‘clickable’ they will not make you understand how you would do that.

However, you should read our suggestions about the color scheming of your website. You can be rest assured that you will not feel bewildered at all. So, start reading.

Color differentiation between static and interactive buttons

If you compare among websites, you will find that in some the dynamic buttons look very different from that of the static buttons. However, some website designs are such that the dynamic buttons get highlighted and impart a different color as soon as you hover your mouse pointer over them. Now the summarization of these two feed backs is that you need to use different colors for these two types of buttons in your website. It is customary to use a contrast of dark and light for interactive and static buttons. Say for instance, if you choose black for static buttons then you need to use blue for the dynamic ones.

Colors make your website readable

Your website might have a lot of worth reading contents. But whether they will be of any interest to your targeted traffic or not depends a lot depends upon the legibility of the website. If the contents are totally illegible, your website can be marked as a search engine spam! Therefore, pay attention to the readability of your website. Simultaneously, keep this in mind that colors play a great role in determining the legibility of your website. Say for instance, the colors black and white when placed beside each other is considered as a classic combination. You must have seen that most websites have white background with black fonts. However, you can reverse the order and use white fonts over black background. Now you need to make a comparison between the looks of websites with these two different color scheming. Is it not the website having white background and black fonts that is more readable to us in comparison to the one with the opposite color scheme? Moreover, you will also find that the website with white background with black fonts appears too glaring for the eyes and disinterest traffic from reading the website contents in depth. Thus, your perception and the experience of your website designer need to come to a common focal point while designing the website.

The color ‘blue’ seeks attention

The color blue is the most used color for designing websites. You will find that all the interactive buttons have blue color. Moreover, the email address that is presented in a website is specially highlighted with blue. However, every shade of blue symbolizes something that is distinctly different from the other. For example, while you can use royal blue or navy blue for an official looking website, pastel blue shade will symbolize something feminine and casual.

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