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Oct 12
Making Your Content More Seo Friendly
October 12, 2015, Posted by: Admin, Category: Latest Post

Are you spending great deal of overhead cost every month on content development? In case you feel that your money is getting wasted and you are not getting any traffic or business out of the expenditure, we would suggest you something. Make a thorough survey of the contents in your web pages and find out whether they are SEO friendly or not. In case you so not find that they have the necessary techniques in them that make the contents rank high in search engines, implement these essential tips suggested by our Spiders Watch experts. We are sure you will create a win–win situation for yourself.  So, check out now.

  • Emphasize upon the right keywords frequency

As you know, keywords are the essential components that determine whether your web pages will rank higher in the search engines or not. However, the notion ceases to exist any more that incorporating loads of keywords will make these pages rank high. What you need to do is to incorporate keywords in the frequency of 2% in your contents. Moreover, a specific format has to be followed for placing  these keywords in the right positions in these contents.

  • Develop right head liners

Remember that the head liners of the contents of each of your web pages are very important. Therefore, you need to be very methodical while developing the head liners of each of your web contents.  Make these head liners catchy and interesting so that your targeted audience gets an intimation that they have found the exact topics that they have been searching for.  In addition, ensure that you have inserted the keyword or the keyword phrase inside the head liners. If you are writing articles or blogs for your side then you will have to ensure it simultaneously that these head liners start with something like “Tips on…,” Reasons for…,” “How to…,” etc.

  • Work on the links

Your contents will become immensely SEO friendly if you make optimum use of external and internal links.  In order to use the benefits of internal links, make it certain that you link each of the articles and blogs present in your website to the older posts in other pages that correlate to them. The traffic that comes to those older posts will automatically check out these new posts if they are interesting. Simultaneously, you can link various pages of your website with that of other websites with relevant topics.  In this manner, the traffic that belongs to the web pages of someone else will become yours within no time. However, while establishing these external links you must ensure that your web pages are linked with the ones that have high domain authority and get maximum traffic in a day , or else your efforts will go in vain.

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