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Sep 1
Neglecting Online Reputation Could Drown Your Business
September 1, 2017, Posted by: Admin, Category: Organic SEO

One may hardly find a trade out there that doesn’t have any issues with the customers. Today, the internet has erased the barriers between customers- word-of mouth- can now literally travel almost at the pace of light. Thus, it is extremely necessary to alter the way a brand name appears in the search engines.

Here are some tips that can help you manage your brand’s reputation online as it influences search engine results about you, manipulating your sales.

  • Create presence on social media

To boost up a niche for your products, create your presence on social media. Choose best platforms depending upon your product and services. Prefer opting for competitive platform to grow your business by reaching large audience. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for executives and employees to integrate with. To visually advertise products, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo will be helpful.

  • Stay active on social media

Just because you have a presence on social media doesn’t mean that your business will be successful. You should keep interacting with your customers. Apologizing for mistakes, solving queries, encouraging positive feedbacks makes good online results.

  • Manage a business blog

Blogs and articles with keywords related to your business can boost up your local rankings. Guest blogging on authentic and authoritative websites and back linking to your site will increase traffic to your page.

  • Never forget- customer is always right

While answering to online complaints you need to listen rather than back answering. Be flexible and if you are getting frequent complaints regarding the same thing, realize the actual problem and try to come up with a better alternate solution.

  • Apologize

If your company does some mistakes, own up to it- and do a genuine apology. Sometimes apologizing can diffuse a situation before getting worse. Avoid “I’m sorry you permitted my dealings to make you suffer” kind of statements. Do an authentic apology.

  • Gather feedbacks

You should ask customers to submit their reviews on your products and services. In this way, you can handle negative feedbacks immediately and also your employees will be encouraged with positive feedbacks.

  • Say “NO” to arguments

Even when you are right, you may get stuck in situations. In such situations, you should say “NO” to arguments and should find ways of reconciling or communicating offline. Professionalism in handling such situation smoothly can win more customers.

  • Make right investment

Reputation development requires both time and money investment. You should invest in online reputation tools or on social media managing companies to create an effective online presence.

  • Implement authorship and legal protection

To gain trust and to have a good social media presence posting individual’s name and pictures on social media will be helpful. Apart from using Online Reputation Management tactics, you should legal actions against anyone posting defamatory info about your company.

Since years, Online Reputation Management has been a crucial section of online marketing. It does seem that if a business doesn’t invest in developing their online presence, then they have to bear money lose in terms of developing out the presence they neglected.

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