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Dec 23
SEO Spam and How to Protect Your Site
December 23, 2014, Posted by: Admin, Category: Organic SEO

I m sure there is a high increase in the number of business and websites affected by spam. Spam email is one of the common scenarios these days. But do you know the existence of SEO spam? Let’s first talk about what is SEO spam. In the world of search engine SEO spam is known for delivering an artificial increase of web sites in search engines results and rankings.

To give you more idea what SEO spam is here are some of the concepts associated with it:

1) Black hat SEO- It is one of the techniques that are used to get higher ranking in unethical manner like not following search engine’s algorithms.

2) Spamdexing- This comes from two word spam and index. It is a practice of including information in website that causes search engine to index illegally with high ranking in the search engine which satisfies spamdexer but it does not satisfies the users.

It is really hard to define what SEO spam is and how to know if what you are doing is right or wrong. Basically, SEO spam is a practice to create websites to get on top of search engine results and ranking in an unethical way. Here are some of the guidelines that you can follow to protect your website from SEO spam.

First step is to practice good website design. It is one of the best defenses against SEO spam. If you are running your website according to the guidelines provided by the search engine then there is nothing to be worry. If you have a feeling that some techniques are not good for your website then it best to avoid them. One of the most common SEO spam technique are doorways pages, keyword and content spamming, hidden text and many more.

All the search engines are changing their policies everyday. They are more intelligent than what we think. If you are using link buying and false link structure for your website then it will not take long for search engines to know how your sites are connected.Don’t trust anyone who says it is okay to use spam techniques. Still it is better to follow things in a right way. Spam is spam no matter how you use it. SEO spam will cost you a lot and your website will suffer no matter what.

Have you noticed any increase in SEO spam? If you are using any of these practices then avoid them at any cost because these techniques are the ones describe by the search engines as spam.

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