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Sep 2
Soft 404 Pages Are Not Followed By Google
September 2, 2015, Posted by: Admin, Category: Organic SEO

The extensive industry experience of Spiders Watch and the approach of our team to remain up to dated have made us one of the most preferred SEO companies. Our on-field expertise has helped us in realizing that Google traces each and every content posted in the web page by means of its Http links. Thus, when you get a prompt that says, “Page Not Found’ it implies that Google has faced a problem in locating the accurate link relevant to a particular page.

If this happens to your web pages, it can make you tense. However, our experts at Spiders Watch assure that this Google prompt will not affect the ranking of your site at all. This is actually a result of miss spelt http commands or improperly configured links generated by your content management system. However, you do need to remove these errors so that your web pages get maximum hits in a day and your website become most searched.

Spiders Watch wishes to share here that Google gives error prompt in another occasion too. Our experts have observed that even links on soft 404 pages are not followed by Google! Thus, a click on these pages will land into a blank page with status code that reads, “200 error” instead of 404 error prompt.

If you are curious to know why this happens, we would say that these soft 404 pages are treated in the same manner as that of the real 404 pages by Google. What is most disheartening is that even soft 404 pages with links get the same treatment as the real 404 pages by this search engine! However, Spiders Watch knows that the only ray of hope for these soft 404 pages is that if they have properly developed index then Google might not ignore them.

Spiders Watch has more information to share with you. Write to us today to know about them in greater details.

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