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Nov 24
The Next Black and White Monster on the Web: Watch out for Google Zebra Update
November 24, 2014, Posted by: Admin, Category:

After Panda and Penguin, the next monster that is expected to hit the worldwide web is the black and white zebra. As Google Panda and Penguin are working quietly and not that aggressive, the black and white monster is going to see what it’s like in the SEO world.

There is no announcement from Google yet but some rumors say that the newest Zebra update of Google targets the realm of social media. This time, Google will be a little concern about their ranking algorithms.

So what will Zebra’s role going to be?

We are aware that Penguin guards the off-sit issues while Panda filters the site elements, then what will be Zebra’s role then? Since rumors scattered say that Zebra is going to be working on the Social Media, then definitely Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest will be dancing rock and roll with Zebra.

I think Google chose Zebra to see whose using white hat and those who are not. Here are some of the targeted social networking sites for Zebra:


Because of too many retweets with the same keywords. Posting the same link again and again will not be good for Zebra.


Everyone comes at Pinterest aims at working on their marketing. This may be the reason its going to be filtered out by Zebra.


Zebra targets the too many shares that do not belong to your domain.


Of course Google won’t allow its own property to be played by spammers.

Since there is no official claim yet when Zebra is coming, better sit and relax. But one thing for sure, the big G won’t like anything messing with their ranks. So clean up social networks.

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