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Sep 16
Which is Best Responsive Website or Mobile Application for Your Business?
September 16, 2015, Posted by: Admin, Category: Latest Post

At Spiders Watch, we keep a close watch at the technological innovations that are going on all around the world. One of the most noteworthy changes that we have observed over the years is that mobile phones have ceased being a mere device for communication only. Now customers can make purchases, make banking transaction, download music, videos and apps, as well as access social networking sites using their mobile. Now this has churned a new debate – Which is Best Responsive Website or Mobile Application for Your Business?

If you are flabbergasted with the same confusion, Spiders Watch has the answer. Watch what we have to say!

  • Single website of responsive web design v/s multiple website of mobile application

The concept of responsive website is that you will have a single website that will fit all the devices. One of the major merits of this is that you will find it convenient to administer it. This will also imply that you will have to spend less for its maintenance and SEO work.

However, a major demerit of maintaining a universal website of Responsive web design is that the option might not be befitting for all the users. You might need to highlight different sections of the same webpage a number of times in order to encourage active conversation of different types of users.

If you ask Spiders Watch, we will say that this problem of responsive web design has the best solution in Mobile Applications. This is because mobile users have a different interface and computer users can browse through a different website in case of mobile applications.

  • User experience of Mobile Applications v/s Responsive web design

At Spiders Watch, we create mobile applications that are user specific. This implies that irrespective of the positives and negatives of a mobile interface, the users will experience a website that is specifically optimized for a mobile device.

But you can never expect this in case of responsive web design because one single website is supposed to function in your mobile device as well as computer,

Nevertheless, you cannot overlook the fact that you have to think of a dedicated SEO for this mobile website parallel to your official website. Secondly, your customers will always have to remember these two separate URLs. Otherwise, an attempt to visit your mobile website will land them to your master website, or vice versa.

Here, you can very well understand that your users will never have to remember two different URL addresses for responsive web design because there is one URL that fits every device.

Now that we have given you a comparative scenario of responsive web design and mobile application, you will be able to take a decision that befits your business purpose. In case you are still confused then call Spiders Watch today!

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